Thursday, January 10, 2013

Did you know this about Ron White?

Ron White, the traditional comedian who is listed amongst the best comedians. I always watched him on TV but witnessing him live was really exciting and he seemed to be even more funny.  His jokes made me laugh my head off, the thing I love about him is his casual style of throwing jokes with cigarette or cigar and a glass of scotch in hand. The way he dresses up is always the same, he is never seen in any other color but black. Wearing black all the time gives an impression that he might be a serious person but the reality is completely opposite to this. This classic comedian has a very different style, he delivers the jokes very naturally as if he is telling some story. His style was really conversational unlike any other comedian and he blends his everyday observation with enormously hilarious wit.

I had always been following his shows and got all of CDs, as I was really impressed by his sense of humor. I always feel that he has the power to make me laugh even in intense situations. I never knew about his success story, a couple of days before a friend of mind told me that during the initial years of his career, he had to face many hardships, when no one paid any attention to him as he was not a big name then. But he never gave up and kept on struggling, he worked in clubs, performed at gigs but couldn’t achieve what he was trying for. But then eventually he got a big break when he got a chance to perform with Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy and his unstoppable journey to success began. I never knew that his massive success is followed by such an intense struggle, which impressed me even more. But now people very difficulty get Ron White Tickets.

Watching him live was so engaging as even every word said by him carries something hilarious. After watching live I read his book as well named as “I Had the Right to Remain Silent… But I Didn’t Have the Ability”, it was so funny and unlike any other books it had a lot of colorful pictures followed by amazingly funny quotes. Some of his quotes stuck in my mind which I like to share with me, he said that “I believe that if life give you a lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party".

My experience of watching Ron White live was amazing, I had a good laughter and would love to go to some of his shows again , because I am sure every time his performance will contain something new and even more funny so grab your Ron White ticket and enjoy this funny act live. I searched so many websites for buying the tickets at a price which I always wished for, finally I came across with AskaTicket and bought the tickets at the cheapest price. So be quick and buy your Ron White tickets now.

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